Why Us



As a rule, manufacturing offshore costs less than in Australia. Goods are cheaper, but you need to consider some key points when you source offshore.


How will you select a factory in the first place? How will you monitor quality as your business progresses? Visiting factories in Asia involves expensive travel and possibly interpreters – which can cut into cost savings. Our clients benefit from a presence on the ground, without spending time and money on travel.


Minimum Order Quantities is a major issue faced by designers. SC has the capability to manage smaller order quantities as well.


There’s obviously a longer lead-time when goods are sourced overseas. Transportation costs need to be considered too. With years of experience importing from India, SC can advise on likely costs and lead-times as well as manage your shipments.


As a buyers agent , SC provides a unique level of service with on the ground operations in both Australia and India. Adopting a comprehensive approach, SC’s expert staff is available to look at the exact needs of every client. If we can develop your product in our India Factory we do so and if not, we identify and source from the best India Manufacturer for the job. We even offer much cost effective pattern making services as part of our services.

At SC we offer an integrated package so that your order can be shipped to you as a finished product. We match your experience with the right experience in India to get the job done properly.

Have Any Questions?

Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact us any time. We have the expertise and experience to cater to your specialist needs.

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